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November 16, 2014
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Moving Day

Komax Entrance

Spring Creek Development Group is proud to extend a welcome to Komax Systems as they begin the process of moving their Rockford production to a brand new building at The Business Park at Spring Creek Lakes.  Komax Systems, a manufacturer of automated systems, currently employs around 70 people.  Their move to a larger, modern facility and a generous incentive package will enable them to increase their workforce by at least 25 new hires.

Komax Systems briefly considered moving operations to Wisconsin, but the facilities, location, infrastructure and incentives packages made remaining in the Rockford area an easy decision for Komax Systems President Eugene Haffely Jr. “The state of Illinois stepped up and provided us with tax incentives and construction and training grants that made them competitive to what Wisconsin was offering,”Haffely said.

Take a look at some of the photos of the new Komax Facility.  For more information about The Industrial Park at Spring Creek Lakes or to find out how your business could also benefit from a move into the park, please visit www.thebusinessparkscl.com or contact Nate Bryant or Ryan Fitzgerald.

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